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Participation Guide

Guide for international Guests of
Asia Messianic Forum 2011 Tokyo/Seoul

Thank you so much for making efforts to join Asia Messianic Forum 2011 in Tokyo and in Seoul.
Here are some practical information for attending the conferences.

1) Flight Schedule

Please notify your flight information to us, so that we can assist you as much as possible.
The time schedule of the Forum is as follows:
Tokyo  21st 14:00 ~ 23rd 16:00    Seoul  24th 14:00 ~ 26th 17:30
If you are to join both the conferences, you must fly from Tokyo to Seoul.
For your reference, all the speakers are to fly on the following flight on November 23rd.
KE2710 (Korean Air)  Tokyo Haneda 19:55 - Seoul Gimpo 22:25
Also, Japanese group will fly 24th morning. (Please contact Japan organizer for details.)

2) Conference Registration

Both the Tokyo and Seoul conferences are free admission, so you do not have to pay any fee.
However, we will circulate collection boxes during the conferences. You may contribute as much as you like.

3) Accommodations

Suggested accommodations are as follows. All the charges are for one room for one night.

Tokyo:  Tokyo Plaza Hotel  (the same hotel that we used in AMF2009)
Single rooms --  8000 yen (100USD)  for one person
Twin rooms  -- 12000 yen (150USD)  for 2 persons

Seoul:  Korea Korean Church Centennial Memorial Building (upper floor of the meeting place)
Western style with two beds  -- 60000 won (60USD) for 2 persons
Eastern style with mattresses  60000 won (60USD) up to 6 persons

These hotels are not so luxurious, but very close to the meeting places.
There are several types of rooms, so the actual charges may change.
The above-listed charges do not include meals. You can have meals in nearby restaurants.
Please contact us so that can make reservations for you. (Do not contact the hotels directly.)
We will allocate rooms on first-come-first-served basis. If we run out of rooms, we will come up with alternative solutions.

4)Official Invitations

If you have problem with getting visas for entry to Japan, we can issue letter of invitation.
Please contact Japan organizer.

Please send emails to: english@am-forum.jp   it will be forwarded to both organizations.